Insomnia Therapy in Madison, WI

Whether it is trouble falling asleep, or trouble staying asleep, everyone knows how excruciating it is to lie awake hour after hour, watching the clock move, thinking about all that needs to be done the next day and how awful you will feel after so little sleep. Sleeplessness occurs for a wide variety of reasons - medical, physical, psychological, emotional - and it is very common, affecting roughly 1/3 of adults at any given time.

When persistent, insomnia can cause real problems in life from irritability and depression, to increased likelihood of accident and injury. People suffering insomnia are at increased risk of falling asleep at the wheel, making mistakes at work, and struggling with emotional regulation.

The first suspects in addressing insomnia involve lifestyle choices. Use of alcohol, drugs (prescription and recreational), caffeine, exercise, diet, and screen-use receive our first attention. Then comes an examination of your sleep habits. The environment of sleep should optimally be quiet, dark, and cool. We are creatures of habit, and do well with consistent sleep rituals, from the time we go to bed to that last cup of (herbal!) tea. Ideally, we reserve our bedrooms for sex and sleep, thus training ourselves to quiet our minds and move toward sleep as soon as we get into bed.

CBT-I (Cognitive behavioral therapy for Insomnia) is recommended as the initial treatment for all adults with chronic insomnia disorder. This structured, time-limited procedure lasts 3-6 sessions, and has a high success rate. Two Westside therapists are among those in Madison trained in this special procedure. We will assess your particular situation, and develop an effective plan of action for you to begin getting the rest you need.