Growth and Development Therapy in Madison, WI

We're all aware of the developmental process children go through from birth to young adulthood.  Many of us, however, don't carefully consider the ways in which we continue to develop and grow throughout the lifespan, into our greatest years of wisdom in later life. That process of growth and development is a natural one, and happens with or without our participation.  With our participation, we can create a depth of meaning for our lives that allows for us to thrive in our strengths and gifts. 

Sometimes, unexpected and difficult events speed that development along in ways that we struggle to handle.  Often, we become concerned about symptoms of anxiety and depression, when those may simply be a sign that we are growing more fully into our true selves. When we change, it is always in the direction of our own growth.  The unfamiliarity of the new ways in which we relate to the world with newly acquired skills can be disorienting, and can affect the dynamics of our relationships.  

Our therapists support you in the process of coming fully into your best self. This can happen either through your own increased desire to participate fully in your own evolution, or when you've experienced a life event that has sped things up in ways challenging to keep up with. Madison is a community that fully supports the type of positive change we at Westside believe occurs for all of us as we travel through life.  Allow us to support you to make the most of your life experiences and become your best self.