Therapy for Adolescents in Madison, WI

Who can figure out what is going on with a teen? As a parent, sometimes it feels impossible to assess whether the moodiness, withdrawal, fatigue, irritability, and argumentativeness that has suddenly hijacked your beloved child is normal development or signs of drug addiction, mental illness or worse. Adolescence is an incredibly intense, complex, and sometimes difficult time of life, and to make things worse, part of the developmental imperative is to begin the wrenching process of individuating from parents, so the odds that your teen will just sit down and tell you "what’s up" are slim to none.

Replace the Adult, Change the Dynamic

Fortunately, many teenagers are very receptive to adults they do not know. Most actually love to talk about themselves, and having the respectful attention of an adult who isn’t standing over therm with unfinished homework or neglected chores can be a welcome opportunity to express themselves, share their pains and fears, and get support and guidance. Adolescent therapy really works.

Adolescent Therapy Involves the Entire Family

Teen counseling always involves working with their families as well. Many times the parent/child relationships during these years are fraught with anger and frustration on both sides. Once the teen feels he or she has an alliance with the therapist, it can help enormously in moving toward reasonable resolutions of ongoing tensions. There are many good resources for teens in Madison. In addition to the work we can do directly in therapy, we can guide you toward other helpful organizations and opportunities. Whatever the struggles you are facing, you do not have to go it alone. 


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