Sibling Therapy in Madison, WI

Sibling relationships in childhood and adulthood can be intense and fraught. Although every child grows up in a different family, no two people share as much foundational similarity as siblings. This can be incredibly protective and helpful, but when it goes wrong, it can be uniquely painful. While a certain amount of competition and conflict between siblings can be normal, the field of psychology has recently begun to acknowledge that actual abuse occurs between siblings much more frequently than previously thought. The effects of a destructive sibling relationship tend to be long lasting, and involve complicating factors such as feelings about how and whether parents intervened.

When sibling conflict is occurring in childhood, it can be very helpful to bring the situation into therapy to better understand what is happening, and how the feelings or distress being expressed negatively between two siblings can be addressed constructively. In adulthood, there are circumstances that require siblings to work together or deal with each other. These situations can be challenging and volatile. We encourage you to let us help you reach a more sophisticated understanding of yourselves and each other. You can break free of the legacy of your common history, and forge a constructive bond between independent adults that can be a source of support and enjoyment throughout your life here in Madison and beyond.