Family Therapy in Madison, WI

There is nothing like getting everyone into the same room at the same time! Regardless of the origin of the problem, regardless of whether it is a “family" issue or the issue of an individual in the family, involving family members in solutions benefits everyone. The direct participation of family members in the therapy session makes it possible to have constructive conversations that catalyze the strengths, wisdom, and support of the wider system.

You define who is in your family, but generally we take "family" to mean those in strongly supportive, long-term roles and relationships, whether or not they are related by blood or marriage.

In family therapy, we use a range of counseling techniques that look at the organization of the family, patterns of alliance and interaction among different members, explicit and unstated beliefs, expectations, and value systems. We work to separate the problem from the person, exploring and dismantling entrenched narratives of blame and judgment. We are attuned to the multi-generational patterning of thought and behavior that can be unconsciously transmitted.

What goes on in the family therapy session usually mirrors the habitual interactional patterns in the home. The benefit is that as a neutral party, the family therapist is able to perceive and understand the functionality of these patterns, as well as how they create and exacerbate problems. Bringing such things to the attention of the family can be very powerful in beginning change and moving toward the desired goals.

Come to a Madison family therapist at Westside to enhance the pleasure of the years you spend together, as well as the lifetime of connection that follows.