WE REGRET TO SAY, Benjamin Heinrichs, Theo's handler, is not accepting new patients at this time.

Dr. Theodore McTubbins (Theo to his friends) was born in April of 2017. One might think him too young to be a working dog, but Theo assures us daily that he is fully on board. Theo effortlessly demonstrates the benefits of living in the moment. He brings to every person, chew toy, and open lap the complete attention and joyful immersion in now that we all aspire to. He aims to model mindfulness, fostering curiosity, and learning by doing. By breed a Cavapoo, Theo combines the best of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and the Miniature Poodle. Highly sociable, affectionate, and sweet tempered, he loves to snuggle. He has a playful, welcoming, and calm disposition, and invites clients who are comfortable with dogs, as well as those who may feel skittish or nervous to come to meet him.

Theo’s greatest weakness as a therapist is his tendency to make his clients momentarily forget all about their troubles. Is this a weakness? You be the judge!


— Theodore McTubbins



Children, Teens, Adults

Anxiety, Depression, Loneliness

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Wed 8:00-6:00



Matriculating Puppy School, Fall, 2017


You can reach Dr. McTubbins through his co-therapist Ben Heinreichs at bheinrichs@westsidepsych.com or 608.231.9664