If you must look back, do so forgivingly. If you must look forward, do so prayerfully. However, the wisest thing you can do is be present in the present...gratefully.
— Maya Angelou

For the next few weeks, Krystine will not be taking any new clients. Please contact Amy Everson who will match you with the right therapist for you.

Do not be deceived by Krystine’s quiet manner. Behind her calm exterior runs a keen intelligence and a sharp eye. She is steady and grounded, and will help you find your way to your own peaceful center. Krystine combines dedication with humor, in both her own life and her work with others. Her deep capacity for empathy is evident in the care she takes in each hour with each client. Krystine’s ability to accurately understand you will become evident in her incisive reflections, and her skillful way of leading you to shift your thinking, perceptions, and behaviors, almost without realizing you are doing so.

Krystine has a depth and breadth of experience in individual and group psychotherapy and assessment. A focus of her work has been adults struggling with depression, anxiety, trauma, personality disorders, and substance use disorders. She is proficient in treating adolescents with similar issues, in addition to behavioral and conduct problems, and emotional regulation.

In her approach to therapy, Krystine’s work is informed by Buddhist principals, incorporating acceptance based practices. She assists clients in mindfully noticing negative thoughts and feelings, and seeing them for what they truly are, so they can face them. She facilitates flexibility through focusing on value-directed choices, awareness of the present moment, and de-fusing unhelpful thoughts.She understands that every individual has a unique history, shaped by multicultural factors. As a culturally attuned therapist, she considers each client as the whole person rich in context and personal meaning rather than a collection of pieces or parts.

Krystine is trained and expert in forensic, diagnostic, and custody evaluations. This area of specialization makes her a highly valuable resource for any clients with these needs. It also hones her observational skills in her work with all clients.




Adults, Teens
Trauma, Anxiety, Depression


Monday and Tuesday evenings


University of Nebraska, BA
University of Denver MA, Psy.D.


Krystine Jackson