Only the day dawns to which we are awake.
— Henry David Thoreau

Emily is known for her couples therapy using the Pragmatic Experiential technique, derived from Hoffman’s research. This structured, evidence based approach to dealing with relationship issues is effective where other modalities have failed. This is typical of Emily. With a strong commitment to excellence, when she does something, she does it right. She engages in intensive specialized training, hones her skills, and then offers up a process that will show results. Emily’s attention to detail, and the care that she takes in all her pursuits informs her approach to therapy. Your therapy process will be deliberate, individualized, and cohesive.

Emily offers sex therapy, and welcomes clients who wish to address concerns around sexuality. She is experienced with anxiety and depression, and enjoys working with young adults and adults. Along with her high level of competence, Emily brings a gentle thoughtfulness to her work that supports and guides her clients, while her deeply egalitarian orientation promotes an active collaboration between her and each individual she works with.

ALL Westside therapists welcome and affirm members of the LGBTQI community, as well as any other groups who struggle for support, acceptance, and recognition.



Couples Therapy, Adult individuals

Relationship Issues, Sexuality, Sexual Dysfunction, Anxiety, Depression


Mon-Thurs, 9:00-6:00

Westside Hilldale, 4513 Vernon Blvd, Suite 100



UW Eau Claire, BS
Edgewood Collge, MS, MFT