The curious paradox is that the moment I accept myself just as I am, then I change.
— Carl Rogers

Ben likes to say that he looks too young to be taken seriously, and at first glance, he might be right. After a minute in his company, however, you will be struck by the wisdom of his perspective, his astute vision, and the depth of his understanding. Ben’s use of language reflects the deliberate care he takes listening to you and reflecting back what he hears. Ben will invite you to hear yourself clearly and embark on the path of self discovery and change with a keen awareness of your own contributions to your conflicts and dilemmas — for good and ill. Ben’s self deprecating humor will help you find humor in your own situation and create an authentic bond that facilitates wellness.

Ben sees patients of all ages. He has a special affinity for college students navigating the complex educational, social, and relational landscape as people learn to live as independent adults. He has a strong interest in trauma and stress related disorders, and loves working with couples.

In addition to traditional services, Ben offers Animal Assisted Therapy, and is the proud papa of Dr. Theodore McTubbins, who is currently in training as a therapy dog.




Couples, Teens, College Students

Trauma, Anxiety, Depression


Mon 9:00AM -7:00PM

Tues-Fri 7:00AM -5:00PM



Northwestern University MA


Ben Heinrichs