Madison Psychotherapists with Heart and Wisdom

Sandra Eugster, Ph.D.  Owner / Manager

Sandra Eugster, Ph.D.
Owner / Manager

When you hire a therapist, you are selecting a guide to encourage and lead you through the labyrinthine complexity of being human and alive. Our skilled clinicians are familiar with the range of human emotions, patterns of thought and behavior, and ways your brain and emotions can mislead and confuse you. We are able to see things outside your view, and can help you identify themes and make connections to sharpen your understanding of where you are and how you can move to where you want to be.

The effectiveness of psychotherapy rests on a proper fit between you and your therapist. Because of this, we encourage you to consider your first session an opportunity to evaluate that fit. You are hiring for an important position, and it is the first part of moving forward to be active in that process. Brynn, our Intake Specialist, is skilled in finding the best match for you. We make it our business to think carefully about each person who contacts us, and will work with you to find the right therapist for you. We invite you to begin a dialogue with us to address your concerns and start you on the path to where you want to be.