Discrete Therapy Sessions to Protect Your Reputation

I recently gave a presentation on levels of subjective well-being in attorneys. In the process of preparing for this, I reviewed statistics about the presence of depression, anxiety, and substance abuse as reported by lawyers nationwide across all types of legal practice. Given the intensity and drive of many in this profession, it was no surprise to see study after study reporting high levels of distress. Most troubling, however, was the report that only about 6% of those who need it ever seek help. Lawyers are not alone in this; physicians, clergy, professors, business owners, individuals in government and law enforcement, and yes, therapists, among others, are often reluctant to seek help because of concerns about confidentiality and stigma.

At Westside Psychotherapy, we completely get it. When you are in the public eye, it can feel particularly important to protect your privacy. We make it our business to facilitate you getting the help you need with utmost discretion. We have locations that do not require that you sit in a waiting room with others, and our intake procedures are respectful and private. You have the right to get help without discomfort about who you might encounter in the process, and what they might think of you. If these matters are a concern, you are invited to call me, Dr. Eugster, directly on my cell (608) 335-8286. I will work with you to make arrangements to meet your needs.