Working as a psychotherapist can be a very lonely undertaking. No one is in the room with you, and suddenly all the study and practice may feel insufficient for the task at hand — sitting with another human, charged with understanding and helping that person.

We offer Psychotherapy Supervision to individuals and groups, for both fully credentialed and practicing clinicians, as well as those still in training. Even when training is complete, the benefits of meeting regularly to discuss cases with an experienced clinician are manifold.

Our primary goal is to facilitate your developing fully into your own style and identity as therapist. To that end, in a supportive non-judgmental setting, we:

  • discuss difficulties the therapist encounters
  • examine your strategies, goals, contracts, and treatment plans, focusing on the nuts and bolts of interventions within the therapeutic relationship, along with the question of “why now?”
  • inquire into the therapist’s ability to support affect, as well as foster change
  • focus on the interplay between therapist and client, including such topics as transference and countertransference 
  • explore parallel process as it occurs between the relationships of therapist/patient and therapist/supervisor
  • discuss professional issues and concerns, including money, self confidence, and imposter syndrome

If you are interested in Psychotherapy Supervision, please contact Amy Everson.