Rate Structure

Psychotherapy: Individual, Couples or Family therapy

  • 10-Minute Meet and Greet | No Charge
  • 50-Minute Therapy Hour | $150
  • 60-Minute Therapy Hour | $160/person
  • Intake Session w/ Insurance | $180/person
  • Therapy Hour w/ Dr. Eugster | $200/person

For those choosing to pay out of pocket, if there is financial need, the fee can be adjusted. This must be negotiated directly with your therapist. Please see Policies for information on insurance.

Mediation Services

Mediation can be contracted by the hour at $200.00, or by the dispute at an agreed-upon flat rate.

Collaborative Divorce Services: Divorce Coach or Child Specialist

No Charge

Divorce Cafe monthly learning session


Team Phone Calls



No Charge

Email Correspondence

Psychotherapy supervision



INDIVIDUAL 60-Minute Hour

GROUP 60-Minute Hour