Divorce Mediation in Madison, WI

Trained at UW-Madison, Dr Eugster practices Facilitative Mediation. In mediation, she works with you to develop your own solutions to issues. All decisions are yours to make. The role of mediator is to help you identify the core values represented by your positions, and to discover ways to satisfy those values while finding a compromise on the issue. The mediator helps you see what the obstacles are to your coming to agreements, and assists you in overcoming these obstacles. Dr Eugster can contract with you to mediate all decisions regarding child placement, co-parenting issues, and post settlement conflicts. If you wish to complete a divorce using mediation, Dr Eugster can bring to you the interdisciplinary team you need to address all areas of concern. It can be helpful to bring a financial expert into the process to educate you fully about all the possible ways you might divide your property. Once you are fully informed, Dr. Eugster can assist you in reaching fair decisions about your financial separation. She will then bring in an attorney to have all agreements accurately and properly documented.


Fewer people involved in the process means a more stream-lined process, which often moves more quickly and economically. As in collaborative divorce, you remain in charge of the process.


You will need to spend several hours working closely with your former partner in the mediation process. This may be emotionally difficult, but may actually be a pro, as the objective is to leave the process with agreements both parties feel good about. This process usually leaves both parties feeling less anxious, defensive, and angry.

If you'd like to set up an appointment or discuss your situation, please contact Dr. Sandra Eugster or Amy Everson at your earliest convenience.