Collaborative Divorce: A Kinder, More Respectful Alternative to Traditional Divorce

The collaborative divorce process is designed to preserve the dignity of each person involved, to be sure each person’s voice is heard, and to encourage all parties to be their better selves through the complex challenges of separation and achieving fair financial and custody agreements. It emphasizes putting the well being of the children first all along the way.

In collaborative divorce, each party has his or her own attorney, as well as a divorce coach and a shared financial neutral and child specialist. Dr. Eugster is trained to serve as either a divorce coach or child specialist. She has expert colleagues she can refer you to for the other members of the collaborative divorce team. In collaborative divorce, you remain in control of the process and the pace. Your team serves you by creating workable solutions. The entire process remains private. More information about this style of divorce is available at


With an array of neutral professionals functioning as your team, you have access to an enormous wealth of knowledge and expertise. Team members consult with each other, and guide you through the process, identifying the needs as they arise. Every participant has a person specifically assigned to them to function as support, guide, and coach. You control the process.


There are a lot of people involved. May meetings in different configurations are part of the process, and can be time consuming. Scheduling meetings can be challenging, and in more complex or conflictual situations, costs can be hard to contain. 

If you'd like to set up an appointment or discuss your situation, please contact Dr. Sandra Eugster at your earliest convenience.