Every Wisconsin Therapy Patient Has Important Rights

Every client of Westside Psychotherapy has the right to be treated with respect and care. The following is a list of rights decreed by law. You have the right to:

Informed Consent (DHS 94.03)

Prompt and Adequate Treatment (DHS 94.08

Options for Ongoing Services (DHS 35.24)

Confidentiality of Records (HDS 94.17)

File a Grievance (DHS 94.28)

 Should you need support or guidance on any of these matters, you have the right to consult with Westside Psychotherapy’s Client Rights Specialist, Sandra Eugster, Ph.D..

Client Rights Specialist

 As Owner and Client Rights Specialist for Westside Psychotherapy, I am available for consultation on any issues or concerns you have regarding your treatment. seugster@westsidepsych.com 608 236 4460. If your concern involves me directly, you may contact our Practice Director, Julia Mueller Jmueller@westsidepsych.com. All complaints are handled respectfully and without any negative consequences.