Amy Everson, LMFT, Intake specialist

Amyhandles new calls and contacts. She will respond to you, learn about what is bringing you in for therapy, and match you with the best possible therapist for you. To do this, she will gather information about your immediate concerns, your insurance coverage, your schedule, and what matters to you in a therapist. You are always welcome to contact Amy directly at

Amy Everson

Liz Keller Monson, Billing Manager


Liz handles all of our billing. A paragon of efficiency and good humor, please don’t hesitate to contact her with any questions or concerns about things financial. If you need to set up a payment plan, clarify your benefits, confirm that a payment was received, or question a charge, Liz is the one to call. Willow Billing, LLC, 715.222.9592 Fax: 866.466.9788,


Barbara Pearsall, Office manager

Barbara is the one who will write to you for missing information, send you letters with directions, your insurance benefits, and your therapist's contact information. She is an organizing force in our busy office, and is masterful at keeping track of information and tracking down missing details. How did we ever manage before she arrived?


Ben Heinrichs, LPC, HIPPA security/Privacy Officer

Ben monitors all aspects of operations in the practice to ensure the highest level of confidentiality is preserved at all times, protecting your private health information against all possible breaches. As he does to all his ventures, Ben brings high standards, a keen eye, and boundless energy to this undertaking. Be assured, he is in the background training staff, refining policies, and checking all procedures with your well-being in mind.